exhibition at the Mill Green Museum

‘Cresta Couture’ the history of Cresta Silks.

The group were invited to the opening of an exhibition at the Mill Green Museum called ‘Cresta Couture’ the history of Cresta Silks. It runs until the 7 July

The group was invited to the opening of an exhibition at the Mill Green Museum called ‘Cresta Couture’ the history of Cresta Silks. It runs until the 7 July 2019. The exhibition is:

A partnership exhibition with the University of Hertfordshire celebrating the innovative and stylish fabrics created by local textile company Cresta Silks from the 1920's to the 1970's. Original Cresta items from the museum's collection will be displayed alongside contemporary pieces and designs created by Fashion and Fashion Business students at the University of Hertfordshire who have been inspired by the iconic design.

The Group was represented by Andy Chapman and Doreen Wright, with Doreen’s guest Gill.

The reception room was full of invited guests and the students who had worked hard to create various garments. The evening was opened the Manager of the Welwyn Hatfield Museum Service, Linda Dobbs, who welcomed us to the exhibition. Then there was an introduction from Emily Shepperson, Curator, who helped put together the exhibition with design students from the University of Hertfordshire who had produced the garments and media students who produced the graphics and digital displays. A spokesman for the University congratulated the students on making the exhibition a success. The official opening was performed by Councillor Barbara Fitzsimon, the Mayor of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council. After a few words from Councillor Terry Mitchinson we went down and viewed the interesting and informative display. I would say that it is well worth a visit. An interesting addition to the exhibition was a guided tour by Mike the miller of the working mill. To find out more about Mill Green Museum and exhibitions please see the links below:


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