Lemsford Fete News

Lemsford Fete News

LLHG have attended the Lemsford fete for over15 years. We showcase the group and its works with a different display every year

In 1949 the vicar Rev R.R.F.Rigby resigned and it was a year before the new vicar was inducted. This caused the small congregation to get even smaller and when the Rev K.M. Mitchell was inducted in 1950 he felt the need to increase the congregation. Combined with the need to raise money for the organ fund it was suggested to try a fete. In 1950 a new member to the church , Mrs Trench, who had been engaged by lord Brocket to open up Brocket Hall after its wartime use as a maternity home. Mrs Trench oversaw the cleaning and redecoration of the Hall in preparation for the family’s return. She suggested instead of a jumble sale they should organise a fete. Click here to view Fete website .Read full article

We are a small friendly group with a core membership of 15. The cost of a yearly membership is £10 which entitles you to attend all events and reduced entry rates on the quiz and our annual treasure hunt. Being a member will provide you with the opportunity to research any local historical interest you have in the Parish of Lemsford allowing access to archives and many years’ experience from fellow members

LLHG 2001 to Present Day

At Our first meeting in 2001 we elected Revd. Ron Ingamells as Chairman its aim was to study all aspects of the history and the people of this area - both ancient and modern. On passed on the chair to local man Jeremy Summers a retired film director who lived in Cromer Hyde. In 2007 Joan Baraclough a long time member carried on the good work the previous chairman’s had built up with a comprehensive archive collected and collated by late Stan Borrie. Stan’s son Richard built a website for the group. When Joan stepped down in 2011 long term member and local man Andy Chapman became chairman, He continued on the same guidelines, developing the website and overseeing various publications, the regular meetings and the odd trip out. I was during this period we started the annual quiz with Welwyn District History Group which continues to the Day. In 2017 Pete Davis became our 5th Chairman and has continued with the quiz, village fete and regular meetings up to the present time

  • Revd. Ron Ingamells 2001 - 2002
  • Jeremy Summers 2002 - 2007
  • Joan Baraclough 2007 - 2011
  • Andy Chapman 2011 - 2017
  • Pete Davis 2017 - 2018
  • Andy Chapman 2018 - Present Day